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الآخرة (“Afterlife”) is the working title of our first project. It is a story about death, forgiveness and the End of All Things.

The end of the world has arrived and it’s your job to see it through. You are the Angel of Death, Azra’il, sent within a human host to carry out your final task: the End of All Things. The apocalypse doesn’t go according to plan and a group of humans manages to avoid total annihilation. Your soul is separated and distributed among the humans, your body imprisoned and bound by ancient words. You escape these bounds after some time, but will you seek revenge–or heal yourself?

Presented in the form of an action platformer, الآخرة has players move through the destroyed remains of the world and travel through the world’s afterlife as the Angel of Death. Each game locale is shaped by its corresponding geographical area and the beliefs that colour that region’s culture.

الآخرة is an adventure that will truly take you to the ends of the earth and beyond!

If you wish to have more information on the game, please read the blog, or take a look at our crowdfunding campaign. Already interested? Please consider pledging to the game!

About Us

LU/NE is composed of thinkers and dreamers, who want to see an exploration of the more fantastical elements of existence. We draw inspiration from the overlooked stories in order to celebrate the diversity around us. We are storytellers and video game players, and see the beautiful potential in interactive storytelling.

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