Action Keyboard Joystick Mouse
Move Forward W Left Stick Up
Move Backwards S Left Stick Down
Move Left A Left Stick Left
Move Right D Left Stick Right
Camera Pan Up Right Stick Down Mouse Motion
Camera Pan Down Right Stick Up Mouse Motion
Camera Turn Left Right Stick Left Mouse Motion
Camera Turn Right Right Stick Right Mouse Motion
Head E Y / ?
Left Hand X X / ? Left Click
Right Hand R B / ? Right Click
Feet Space A / ⨯
Cast Shift LB / L1
Action Q RT / R2
Abilities Action
Jump Press Feet button
Wall Hop Run facing wall, jump before reaching the wall
180° rotate While wall hopping, pressing the Action button will rotate the character 180°, allowing a wall jump
Wall Run Run diagonally at wall, then jump before reaching the wall
Wall Jump When on a wall, press jump. If Azra’il is facing the wall, they will jump higher; if they are running on the wall, or facing away from the wall they will jump away.
Peek into Barzakh Hold Cast button
Pass through Barzakh While holding the Cast button, press the Left Hand button