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Azra'il, Angel of Death, is born into a human host, so that they may experience mortal life once before the End. Unfortunately, unable to live with human emotions, they come close to destroying the world instead. Punished, their soul fragmented, and imprisoned, they are eventually set free, and tasked with rebuilding themselves spiritually in order to end the world properly. الأخرة is a 3D action/platforming game, which has you alternating between the world of the living and the dead, all while avoiding peril from the world around you, or from the strain Azra'il's Angelic soul puts on their human host. The game takes inspiration from Islamic culture for its design, setting, and characters. The goal is to tell a personal epic story which will also expose people to the beauty of the Arab and Muslim world.


The project began many years ago, in the form of a comic book. As the project grew thematically, it was determined that a more interactive approach would be needed. Video games were perfect. There's a lot of work to be had in order to complete the project, but with time, a team will be (re)built with proper funding to boot!


  • 3D, acrobatic platforming and free-flow combat
  • Unique cel-shaded visuals
  • Storyline which draws from Muslim theology, and incorporates multiple cultures in an open and respectful manner


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الآخرة Credits

Moustafa Chamli
Lead Lunatic, Studios LU/NE

Tristan Balekian
Lead Programmer, Studios LU/NE

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